Catalytic Oxidiser

For the removal of odours and VOCs from process exhaust streams, incineration takes place at low temperature
(< 400°C).
Benefits include:
• Compact size
• Low running costs
• Low maintenance
• User friendly engineering

• Food processing
• Printing

• Chemical Processing
• Agrochemicals
• Surface Coating
• Ceramic Manufacturing
• Metal Processing
• Plastic Production
• Board Processing

Amongst its unique features the catalytic oxidizer has:
• A minimum of 99% destruction efficiency
• Ability to respond rapidly to changes in the process, i.e. machine turndown or shut off.
• Produces no waste products to be treated further.

Available in a wide range of sizes from 1,000Nm3/h up to 20,000Nm3/h

Other catalyst types are also available for the destruction of ozone, nitrous oxides (NOx), and chlorinated VOCs

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