Wet Scrubbing
APS Environmental Ltd have designed and installed a range of wet scrubbing systems including

Venturi Scrubber:
• Pollutant capture using inertial impaction & diffusion
• Unique anti-blocking & self-cleaning action

Packed Tower Scrubber:
• Wet chemical scrubber to scrub out a variety of fume, both inorganic & organic
• Automated chemical dosing system

Fume Scrubber:
• Chemical scrubber designed for smaller applications such as storage tank vents and fume cupboards
• System can be complete unit or split into two sections to allow for space constraints
APS Environmental Ltd designs and installs Wet Scrubbing systems. These are useful where several types of pollutant maybe present.

• Food processing
• Tobacco

• Incineration
• Waste Water
• Fuel and Power
• Petro Chemicals
• Fertiliser
• Pharmaceuticals
• Metallurgical
• Coal
• Carbon Products
• Chemicals
• Cement
• Minerals

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